Helping companies and people grow

I have huge hybris that I can help any company grow with a little effort. However the experience have tought me that without data driven analysis I can’t know how to do it. However I trust the data driven methodology so much that I truly believe my own fallacy.

Blogger – Been doing before it was cool. Blogging started my first business and has been basis of my career.

Speaker – Blogging lead to public speaking and training. Actively involved in speaking about 1-2 times per month. Feel free to contact if you are looking for a strong views in online marketing, analytics and business culture.

Adviser – Helped various startups grow as a mentor and sometimes an official advisor.

Board Member – Have been active owner and board member in various companies such as Finnish Design Shop, SLP Group, Tulos Group, Tulos Helsinki and Tulos Ventures

Investor – I try to focus all my investment trough Tulos Ventures.

CEO – Been running Tulos Helsinki, the largest and fastest growing performance based online marketing company since 2008.